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Chicago Booth MBA- Introduction


The mantra of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is it’s all about the idea. Students focus on generating, analyzing, comparing, and refining ideas in order to elevate them to better ideas.

The full-time MBA program consists of 20 classes plus Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD).

The flagship of the program is its flexible curriculum. Unlike many other top schools with lockstep first-year MBA programs, Booth does not require its MBAs to go through every class together. One key exception is the LEAD course, which all MBAs must take. However, by and large, students design a program tailored to fit their own career goals.

In 2009, after a faculty review of the curriculum, the school added a new academic concentration in analytical management and also required all students in the evening MBA program and weekend MBA program to take a leadership development course similar to the one required of full-time students.

In addition to analytic management, the school’s 14th concentration, students can graduate with an academic focus in accounting, econometrics and statistics, economics, entrepreneurship, and finance. Other choices include analytic finance, general management, human resource management, international business, managerial and organizational behavior, marketing management, operations management, and strategic management.

Graduation requirements for students in the full-time MBA program include nine required courses, 11 electives, and a leadership course; though in 2009, more approved substitute classes have been added to satisfy the nine required courses. To meet the 11 elective requirements students can choose from several hundred courses at the business school and other departments of the university.

Some of the new courses added since the curriculum review in the required portion of the program are more rigorous, an adjustment made to account for the more varied group of students entering the mainstream MBA program. The school added a hybrid finance class containing five weeks of corporate finance and five weeks of investments, for example, that is much more difficult than the standard finance or investment courses.

The three foundation areas of accounting, microeconomics, and statistics remained the same through the curriculum review. But the requirement to take breadth and general management courses was replaced by selecting classes representing functions (finance, marketing, and operations), management (decisions, people, and organizations), and the environment in which firms operate.

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Chicago Booth MBA Sample Essays


Booth MBA Essay 1: How will the Booth MBA help you achieve your immediate and long-term post-MBA career goals? (250 word minimum)

As a teenager, I was fascinated by personal computers which could screen movies, engage me for hours in visually-striking games and find me answers to all my questions. I picked computer science as my major for bachelor’s degree and was drawn to the practical applications that access to real-time data can provide. My curiosity led me to pursue my Masters in computer science at the University of Illinois, where I started my career as a Research Programmer. Noticing my communication, leadership and organizational skills, the IT director soon tasked me with leading a multi-campus team to implement a student portal.

The transition from a non-profit to a startup software company gave me the opportunity to help architect the digital buying system which played a vital role in transforming the company to a market leader. My deep knowledge of the products earned me Product Manager’s role which is more aligned with the core business and provides more opportunities for growth. My experience as a technologist has been invaluable in performing my current role as a product manager, helping me provide commercially viable and technically scalable solutions…Continue Reading Here

Booth MBA Essay 2: Describe a time when you were surprised by feedback that you received. What was the feedback and why were you surprised?

I was recruited to the army after participating in an intelligence program for which only 120 out of over 10,000 candidates were selected. In addition to daily shifts of running the compound’s intelligence operations, my peers and I were given several project options. I elected to train 20 soldiers and improve the work methods of a prestigious department. I discovered it was difficult to find the opportunity to initiate meaningful change in an already efficient department. I did my job of co-managing about 30 intelligence personnel on a daily basis and assumed that would suffice to get my commanders’ attention.

A few months afterward, I was called into my commander’s office and notified I wasn’t selected to be among the first set of officers to go to officers’ course. I was surprised – I thought I was doing my work well enough and assumed that I would be noticed and chosen to be an officer. My commander explained to me that I wasn’t making a significant impact on the base intelligence abilities and that I failed to show leadership potential in the short period of time I served on the base. It was my first real disappointment as a young adult. I was used to achieving whatever I aimed for..Continue Reading Here.

Chicago Booth MBA Interview


On Campus Interviewed on: Feb 18 2019 Final Decision: Admitted

“Booth is in Hyde Park, which, for those (like me) who are not familiar with Chicago, is not very close to much else in Chicago. The first thing I would note is to give yourself plenty of time to get there! I was staying in Hyde Park, so I was close, but the weather was pretty bad the weekend I went (my flight to Chicago was delayed by 2.5 hours!) so this is something to just keep in mind for logistics.

Booth gives you the option to do a whole day of programming, but if you visited campus previously, it will be the same programming (tour, going to class, info session). I did an official visit when I visited Booth a few months ago, so I opted to only go to campus for my interview. You will likely hang around a little bit in the admissions room, where you’ll get to know some current students and other interviewees. I really enjoyed this part, actually! It helps put you in a relaxed state of mind.

My interview was with a current second-year student. She had a list of questions she was asking and they were all pretty typical questions.

– Why MBA? Why now?

– What are your post MBA plans?

– How did you become interested in XYZ?

– Tell me about a professional success

– Tell me about a professional failure

– What do you like to do outside of work?

– Why Booth?

My interview was 45 minutes long and there were a few minutes at the end to ask questions…Continue Reading Here

Chicago Booth MBA Application Essay Tips

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