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CEIBS MBA interview Questions

Interview Questions collected from Past clients

How CEIBS MBA Interview Works

Applications that are complete in all aspects and qualify in terms of the minimum academic and other criteria specified above are evaluated for being progressed to the next stage in the admission process. Shortlisted candidates will be called for the CEIBS MBA Interview process.

The CEIBS MBA Interview panel will evaluate each candidate’s performance in terms of quality of work experience, diversity, leadership qualities, social sensitivity, and multifacetedness.

As a general approach to selecting a candidate for the programme, a multi-factor model is used. These factors include academic track record, GMAT/GRE scores, quality of work experience, performance in the interview, and writing ability test. A composite total score will be calculated for each applicant using the multi-factor model. A merit list is prepared based on the composite total score. The offer of admission will be made to a certain percentage of applicants on the merit list. The number of offers made will depend on the availability of seats. The number of offers will be further subject to the candidate meeting a minimum cutoff in terms of the composite score and/or for any other factor score that the admissions committee may decide on

Who will interview you, and how long will the interview last?

Like most Asian B-schools, the CEIBS interview is taken by a Panel. The Panel usually consists of 2-3 members of the Admissions Committee. The interview typically lasts for 25-30 minutes or may extend to 35-40 minutes in some instances.

Will the interviewer have read my application?

It is always safer to assume that the Panel members have access to your complete application. In most instances, they would have read it completely. Unless the school specifically says that it will be an blind interview. Mostly North American Business schools in US and Canada have an  Blind interviews, European and SE Asian schools conduct interviews via Alums or panels which have full access to your entire application. 

How can you prepare for your interview?

Like most MBA Interviews, your interview will mainly revolve around a pretty similar set of MBA interview questions. You can never predict what questions will be asked, but with enough research, you can predict what are the most commonly asked questions in these interviews. We have created a short FAQ list below to get you a jump start, and we also have a free guide linked below to help you prepare for these commonly asked interview questions

CEIBS MBA Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Professional experience-related questions

  1. Tell me something about yourself, or Walk me through your resume.
  2. What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  3. Why MBA? or Why now? or Why an MBA at this stage of your career?
  4. Why CEIBS?
  5. What is your Plan B? in case your primary goal does not happen?

Personal qualities-related questions

  1. What are your key strengths? Can you give some examples, please?
  2. What are your key weaknesses? Can you give some examples, please?
  3. How can you add value to the Class? or Why should we take you?
  4. Any reasons why we should not select you?
  5. Interests and Hobbies related questions – why do you do it, what have you achieved/learned?

Frequently Asked Situational & Behavioral Questions

  1. What is your leadership style? Can you give an example of a project you led?
  2. What would you describe are your greatest achievement to date?
  3. Give me an example of a time you failed.
  4. Give me an example of a time you faced a conflict. How did you handle that?
  5. Give me an example of a time when you did not meet a client’s expectations. What happened, and how did you attempt to rectify the situation?

The last one – Do you have any questions for us?

  1. Can you please tell me how international exchange students and schools are assigned?
  2. How club leadership is selected?
  3. Any other questions you may have in regards to the program

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CEIBS MBA Interview Questions -1 

Skype The interview was conducted on December 4th, 2019, and the ultimate determination was made. Admitted

The session was interactive in nature and was led by two individuals, one of whom was a member of the admissions committee while the other was a professor. The duration of the event was approximately 40 minutes.

Could you please provide a detailed account of your work experience and educational background?

What are the reasons for pursuing an MBA programme at this particular moment in time?

What are the reasons for choosing CEIBS?

What were some of the errors committed during your entrepreneurial endeavours?

If provided with an opportunity, what modifications would you make?

What contributions do you anticipate making to the class?

What are your career objectives following the completion of your MBA programme?

Please provide a detailed account of a professional obstacle you faced and the strategies you employed to overcome it.

Are there any inquiries you would like to make to the interviewer?

Do you have any inquiries regarding the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)? I possessed some. A productive discourse was held on this topic.


CEIBS MBA Interview Questions – 2

Off-Campus with Adcom The interview was conducted on February 28, 2019

The interview was conducted in a conversational manner. My job and my reasons for getting an MBA were the subjects of the majority of the questions.

The following questions are presented:

Could you please provide a detailed overview of your professional and educational background?

What is the driving force behind your motivation for pursuing your short-term goal of xxx? What is the rationale for pursuing an MBA in this context? An alternative approach could be employed to attain the desired outcome.

What specific skill must be acquired or enhanced in order to attain your immediate objective?

Given Shanghai’s competitive job market, what would be the potential consequences if one were unable to secure a post-MBA position? What is the contingency strategy?

What is the rationale behind selecting Shanghai? What are the reasons for choosing CEIBS? In comparison to other MBA programmes to which you applied, how does this programme differ? If you were to receive offers from all schools, would Shanghai/CEIBS still be your ultimate selection?

Do you have any experience working abroad? What is your response to cultural diversity? Please provide an illustration.

In what ways are you able to make a valuable contribution to your fellow classmates?

The proficiency in Mandarin holds significant importance in China. What strategies or methods can be employed to effectively close the divide between two disparate entities?

Do you have any inquiries for our team?

After that, they gave me some job advice and the names of alumni with whom I could get in touch.”

CEIBS MBA Interview Questions- 3

Skype The interview took place on January 18, 2019. Final Conclusion: Admitted

“Duration: approximately 40 minutes.”

There are two interviewers.

The highlight is a bad Skype connection. I can’t hear the interviewers very well, and I’m sure they can’t hear me very well. And the image was quite terrible as well. But, thankfully, the interview went on.*Can you tell us about yourself?

* What made you leave your previous job?

In-depth questioning about my current job-

* Why is the industry changing?

* What is the present employer’s business model?

* What difficulties have you encountered? What have we learned?

* What are the possibilities for the future?

* What are my plans if I do not get into the MBA programme?

During this conversation, they mentioned the Chinese system of ‘guanxi’ and how things appeared to be similar in India.

The discussion then turned to China and CEIBS.

* Why is China important? Why do you wish to depart from India?

* Have you applied to any other colleges? Why CEIBS rather than them?

* What’s your backup plan if you get into CEIBS but don’t get a job in China?

* Which industries are you interested in working in China?- A little LinkedIn research on the graduates was quite beneficial!

* My long-term plans–do I want to go back to India?

Then I had a Mandarin chat with them. The inquiries –

* Where in India did you learn Mandarin?

* What is the most difficult aspect of the language for you?

Then we went on to topics that piqued their attention in my article; we had a lengthy discussion about sports and discussed-

* Why were India and China performing poorly in football despite having large populations and a lot of money?

* How could both of these countries improve? During our conversation, they told me a joke about how to become wealthy in China: start as a billionaire, purchase a football club, and watch your money vanish in front of your eyes!

* What can you contribute to sport at your level?

*In addition, the interview questions were very similar to those asked generally”

CEIBS MBA Interview Questions- 4

Status: Skype
Interviewed on: Feb 21, 20

Final Conclusion:

“applied on the 14th of February, received an interview invitation on the 17th of February, and was interviewed on the 21st of February.”

The person doing the interview was really pleasant and chatty. The list of questions can be found below (I am unable to recall the order in which the questions were asked). Take me over your cv step by step.
What are some short-term ambitions that you have for your career? In the long run?
What kind of contribution do you plan to make to CEIBS?

After you earn your MBA, you will be regarded as a minority in China because you do not know the Mandarin language. What can you do to combat this?
How would you describe your approach to leadership? Provide an illustration.
How do you manage the stress in your life?
How do you think your coworkers would describe you?
Can you tell us about a project that was particularly difficult for you to work on? What obstacles did you face, and what was the result?

CEIBS MBA Interview Questions – 5

Status: Skype
Interviews held on: November 18, 2019
Conclusion and Decision: Accepted

“The interview went just like I had hoped it would. During the course of my interview with the Associate Director of the Admissions Committee, I was asked the following questions:
Why do you need an MBA?
Why now?
How would you describe your approach to leadership? Provide an illustration.
What have been some of your biggest successes, and what have been some of your greatest failures?
How do you manage the stress in your life?
Please name three of your greatest assets.
Give me an example of two of your flaws.
How do you think your coworkers would describe you?
If I were interested in investing in your industry or business, what factors should I take into consideration?
It would appear that you lack experience or specialisation in any of the relevant fields. What steps can you do to make up for it?
It is crucial that you link your previous experience and post-MBA ambitions to what the university will provide you in the way of their curriculum, faculty, projects, and clubs.

CEIBS MBA Interview Questions – 6

The process of the interview went quite well. I participated in a standard interview. The tone is mostly lighthearted and conversational.
1. Could you tell us about your previous employment?

2. You have no prior experience travelling outside the country; how does this make you feel?

3. Can you tell us about some of your best qualities?

4. What contributions do you plan to make to CEIBS?

5. The businesses are highly excited about the incoming government in India; what are your thoughts on this?

6. Because you are unable to speak Mandarin, you will be classified as a minority in China once you have completed your MBA; how will you get around this?

7. If you live in the same city as ISB, there is no reason for you to submit an application to CEIBS.

Approximately 40 minutes passed during that time.


CEIBS MBA Interview Experience – 7

The interview was condensed and straightforward. Within that time frame, questions were asked of me, including:

– Why Get an MBA? / Why Attend CEIBS?

When was the last time I managed the various categories of stakeholders?

Why did I decide to transition from my [first job] to my [current career]?

When was the last time I dealt with a conflict?

When I made a mistake as a manager? 

As a manager, what sorts of inquiries should I put to the candidates I’m interviewing?

What do you want to do after you have your MBA?

After that, I questioned the following for ten minutes:

What is one thing that the interviewer looks back on and wishes they had done differently during their MBA experience?

– How they felt about moving to CEIBS given that they were originally from [state specific]

The interview turned out to be more of a conversation than anything else.


CEIBS MBA Interview Questions – 8

The interview was really casual from the very beginning to the very end. The following are the topics that we discussed.

1. What made you decide on that specific major and college?

2. In what ways has working for the same organisation for the past six years helped me develop as a person?

3. An examination of the most recent advancement.

4. After I brought up the topic of the corporation undergoing some reorganisation as a result of Covid, she requested for additional information as well as my thoughts on the matter.

5. The reason I was given a rise when my coworkers were being let go.

6. Which country is the most difficult to work in, and why?

7. I had ten articles at international conferences, which was the most important accomplishment for me.

8. Long-term objectives and the reasons I chose to stick to what I had said.

9. My hobbies.

The interview went on for around half an hour and a half. I wish you the best of luck!

CEIBS MBA Interview Questions – 9

“My interviewer was nice, but the interview itself was really intense. There was a fast tempo, a lot of sudden shifts in the topic, and a large portion of questions relating to the industry. The following is a list of the questions:

Why did I choose my undergraduate institution?

When I was in high school, what was the format of the exchange programme that we participated in?

How did you decide to go to a different city and choose the employer that you had previously worked for?

What is the big-picture view of the organizational structure at your previous employer?

At your previous employer, what exactly was your role? When you were promoted to a more senior position, how did that affect the role that you played?

At your previous employer, which division was responsible for the greatest amount of revenue, and which division was responsible for the greatest amount of profit?

This is a follow-up in connection with the impromptu investigation I did on my previous employment.

In general, a highly rigorous yet cordial procedure. At this point, there is no more time for questions. I wish everyone the best of luck!

Do you think it was a wise decision to split your previous employer up into many product companies?

CEIBS MBA Interview Questions – 10

“The interview took place at 10:30 p.m. India Standard Time (IST) over Zoom with an admissions representative.

She began by presenting herself and laying out the ground rules.

1. Please tell me a little bit about yourself – the standard three to four-minute introduction, followed by going over my résumé.

(-) This is not a question, although we did talk for a few minutes about our mutual passion for Formula 1 racing.

2. Why did I decide to go to the school that I attended, what was I hoping to get out of it, and did I succeed?

3. What do I believe is the connecting thread between the decisions I’ve made and the choices I’ve made in my career (I indicated in the introduction that I was extremely deliberate with my decisions)?

4. How can I exercise leadership without formal authority?

5. (This is a continuation of the preceding question.) How do you win others around to your point of view?

6. What do you consider to be your greatest failing, and more importantly, what were the most important lessons you took away from it? (The interviewer emphasized multiple times that the lessons were the most important part of the experience. My response also struck a chord with the interviewer, who shared that they had a very similar experience in the early stages of their consulting job.

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