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Cass MBA Application Essays 2023-24

Cass Essay 1: Please give an example of when you demonstrated leadership skills and/or a significant contribution to a team. Specifically highlight your role in the situation. (300 words)

Cass Essay 2: What makes you a stand-out candidate for a scholarship? (250 words) 

Cass Essay 3: If awarded a scholarship, how would you contribute to and engage with the Bayes community? (250 words)

Cass Essay 4: Why are you applying to the Cass MBA Program now? What is the professional objective that will guide your career choice after your MBA, and how will the Cass MBA contribute to the achievement of this objective? (500 words)

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Cass MBA Winning Sample Essays - 1

Early this year, our organisation underwent a digital transformation and a new tool was implemented to receive customer tickets. Due to Covid, the team was trained on the tool in the virtual working environment and this led to some errors and inconsistencies. After 3 weeks of implementation, our client raised concerns around the errors and data inconsistencies. As the team lead, I stepped in to take the responsibility of correcting the errors and preventing them in the future. I promised my client and also stakeholders that this will be resolved within a week’s time.

Soon after the call ended, I headed to the tickets tracker and audited all the tickets processed in the previous month to figure out the root cause for the inaccuracy. With brainstorming with the team and by performing a detailed analysis, I identified the gaps and the reasons for such inconsistencies. I noted each and every step for working on the tool, made an SOP File (Standard Operating Procedure) and shared it with the client for approval. After receiving the approval, I headed to coach the team on the correct methods of using the tool. I circulated the SOP within the team and connected over zoom meetings with each individual in the team to clarify their doubts and made sure there were no gaps. Together we were able to correct the errors and also have a standardised working model that avoided confusion and errors. During the next call, our client acknowledged the improvement in the performance of the team and the reduction in the number of errors made. They also appreciated the collective efforts of the team for bringing everyone on the same page.

As the eldest child of parents who turned out to be a female, I learned to take responsibility for my family and myself at a very young age. I have always been a top scorer in school. While pursuing my graduation, I started doing marketing & promotional events part-time for financial independence. This helped boost my morale and build confidence as a college student as well as enhanced my verbal skills and provided exposure to the practical world. So much so that while I was assisting an Entrepreneur from Honk Kong during an International exhibition, she got so impressed with my skillset that she offered me a fully paid 15 days management training in Hong Kong. She said that she saw potential in me and if given the right guidance, I can really prove to be a top-shot. I went for the training right after graduating, completed it with flying colors, and came back to start my professional life. I utilized the learnings in professional positions I have held.

Aside from my values, I’m truly passionate about the management field. I have always wanted to be a successfully efficient yet considerate manager and am working towards that direction. I have grown from an individual contributor at Genpact to managing a team of 10 analysts and guiding them for a better production output. Based on my values, interests, and future plans, I’m applying for the scholarship because not only will it financially help me, but it can give motivation for me to academically push myself.

If awarded a scholarship, I would try and pay back to the community by indulging myself in various voluntary services that are held at Bayes University. I will set up a society/become part of existing ones and will motivate and guide fellow students to participate in various workshops, webinars and social activities. I would not only focus on studies and graduate with flying colors but also focus on representing the student community by identifying and voicing their issue in the right manner and making the university an even better place by the support of the professors, directors and stakeholders.

Even after the completion of the course, I would endure to be an ardent part of the Bayes family. I would participate in the orientation sessions of the next batch, coach the incoming batch and help them figure out their zone of expertise and decide their key skill sets in the introductory interviews. I would also help them with their curriculum time and again as required. Most importantly, after graduation, I would contribute to the scholarship fund as an alumni so as to assist in the arrangement of funds for the deserving candidates who would further go ahead and raise the stature of working professionals that graduate from Bayes thus adding value to the goodwill of the renowned University.

I am a commerce graduate with 6 years of experience in Financial Accounting. I started off my professional life as an Accounts executive for the corporate office of Sardar Exports. In this role, I was responsible for maintaining the financial books of the company from issuing invoices for customers to maintaining vendor payments. In my current role at Genpact as a senior finance analyst, I am responsible for the maintenance & financial reporting of fixed assets and capital accounting for a crucial client, Pfizer for the Europe & CEER market.  Through this experience I have gained a better insight into accounting principles and business operations. I have grown from an individual contributor to managing a team of 10 analysts. My official promotion has been recently announced (in August 2021). 

Although there has been a learning curve with my movement to Genpact, it is still limited to back office operations and manual book-keeping activities. I aspire to move into a managerial role in the Finance & Accounting domain and want to be a part of the Financial Planning and Analysis team.  However, in order to transition into such a role, I need an overall business understanding and a deeper understanding of Finance operations. That is why I wish to pursue an MBA from Bayes that would impart me the necessary knowledge and skill set to make this transition. The experiential learning approach, updated curriculum in accordance to the latest market trends and hands-on projects on business & management have captivated me to pursue the full time MBA course. While core courses give me an overall business understanding, the curriculum inclusions of Finance are perfectly aligned with my learning goals. In addition, the multicultural student community will help me in gaining diverse perspectives which is very essential as I step into a global business environment. 

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