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Carlson Minnesota MBA Sample Essays

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Carlson Minnesota Sample Essays

For each question, respond in 500 characters only (the equivalent of about 100 words).
1. Why is pursuing an MBA the right next step for you? And why are you interested in Carlson?
2. What are your post-MBA career goals? Share with us your first choice career plan and your alternate plan.

Here are Carlon Minnesota Sample Essays written by our winning Candidates.

Carlson Minnesota Sample Essays – 1

Carlson MBA Essay : Why MBA at Carlson University?

“If you don’t step outside Your Comfort Zone, You Won’t Learn Anything New”, this has always been my attitude. I have always pushed myself out any innate comfort zone to explore new opportunities and made learnings an intrinsic part of my growth curve. Indeed, this continuous introspection has also informed my decision to apply for MBA.

After years of consulting experience in Information technology (IT) with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Advisory, I want to upgrade my skills and make a career shift towards management consulting. While working alongside management consultants, I keenly observed how they work on clients’ open-ended business problems. The idea of working on different facets of business functions excites me.

Therefore, post MBA, my short term goal is to work as a management consultant in the= tech-strategy sector for global consulting firms such as McKinsey, PwC or Deloitte.

In long term, I aspire to start my own boutique consulting firm that will be focused on improving healthcare services in developing countries by leveraging technology or become a partner in a technology strategy consulting firm to lead client engagements across geographies.

Needless to say, equipped just with a bachelor’s degree, there are marginal chances to break into management consulting unless I re-tool my skills with an MBA. And, I believe this is the perfect time to pursue MBA for two primary reasons:

  • In 6 years of my professional career, I have gained enough experience on leading teams and have learned how technology is applied to drive business growth. I will meaningfully share this knowledge in classroom discussions.
  • I am still in early years of my career to acquire education and enhance my skill sets to make a career shift.

Going forward, I am keen on expanding my knowledge to address complex business problems from a holistic economic perspective, and not just technology implementation perspective. Therefore, during MBA program at Carlson, I want to:

  • Understand strategic and financial aspects of an organization.
  • Work on hands-on consulting projects to enhance my skills for the shift to management consulting.
  • Develop a network with Carlson’s strong Alumna for guidance and help in achieving my short-term goals.

I was particularly drawn towards Carlson after my conversation with admissions director, Dana Daniel. She mentioned about the highly ranked information systems specialization and Carlson’s Consulting and Venture Enterprises. I believe that the opportunity to solve clients’ real-world business problems during Consulting Enterprise program, along with the classroom learnings makes Carlson MBA a perfect fit for my requirements.

I also look forward to exploring the Venture Enterprise program at Carlson. I was the founding engineer of a startup where we successfully raised seed funding of $50k in six months. This is where, I not only led product development but also oversaw digital marketing, user acquisition strategy, and team building. This experience has left me wanting to explore more on developing new concepts and businesses. Carlson’s Venture Enterprise Program will be a great platform for me to explore and grow as an entrepreneur.

I would love to be a part of the Carlson community and I believe my varied experience across consulting, start-ups and social development makes me a strong candidate for the program.

Diversity is one of the important aspects Carlson values in its incoming class and I will be a fair addition to your unique culture as a woman business leader of tomorrow. I have been a core member of “WIT (Women in Technology)” Leadership team at PwC for last 3 years. I have passionately worked towards the mission of propelling women into leadership positions by organizing various networking events and seminars. I can draw significant learning from this experience to share the same with my female classmates and drive activities of International Women Club.

I also work with NGOs in my free time and advise them on marketing campaigns and selling avenues for products and services created by the disabled. Similarly, through Graduate Volunteer Consultants club, I yearn to actively contribute to community development in twin cities through pro-bono consulting for nonprofit organizations.

Overall, I strongly feel that Carlson MBA will help me bridge the gap between my current skills and future goals and I will sustain the Carlson brand.

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Carlson Minnesota Sample Essays – 2

Carlson MBA Essay: What are your short and long-term career goals? How will the MBA help you achieve them?

I was born and raised in Sri Lanka, a tropical island part of bustling trade routes for centuries. My family is of Moroccan ancestry, they established businesses in gems and spices, which till today are some of the oldest firms in the country. Sadly, during my teenage years, my father passed away. I witnessed first-hand the trials that came with the loss of a family member and business partner. As I put my life back together, I worked hard and won a scholarship to a prestigious international high school graduating top of my class. Post high school, I applied to NYU Abu Dhabi as a first-generation college student, and attended with a full scholarship. There I sharpened my quantitative and analytical skills, worked with peers from over 100 counties, and studied across the NYU global network.

I currently work at Tamkeen, the government partner of NYU Abu Dhabi as a Business Development and Finance Analyst, a highly competitive management consultancy role for expats such as myself. I work directly with the HOD & CFO, and am responsible for the commercialization of over 30 assets – an initiative I have been responsible for from scratch. This role not only ensured that my collective past experiences working with the UAE space agency and Microsoft were harnessed, but also positioned me on an ideal platform to apply my analytical skills to business scenarios. 

As part of my mandate, I work very closely with colleagues at NYU to ensure effective commercial operations and that revenue targets are met, having achieved 150% increase a 2018-2019. Here I have gained invaluable skills such as client management, financial modelling,  business operations, financial and management controls, extensive understanding of ERP products across business functions, all while managing teams from across the globe.

After my MBA at Carlson, I plan on transitioning into the field of management consulting in a tech function at a global firm such as McKinsey, Accenture or PWC. In the long term, I plan on leveraging my acquired experience to start my own consultancy firm providing advisory services in developing countries.

Having been part of NYU for over 6 years, both as a student and as a colleague, I am well aware of the incredible alumni network. At Carlson, I am excited to be able to have multiple specialities including Strategy, which will train me in advanced strategic thinking and inform me on essential areas such as corporate governance and hands-on problem solving – especially through courses such as Creative Destruction Lab.  Drawing from analytical background and business experience, I plan on leveraging these opportunities at Carlson to not only build my own legacy, but contribute back to the community. 

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