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Can a score of 670 get me to ISB?

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670 score

This question can have both the answers yes and no. ISB keeps restating the fact year after year that it assess candidates on the basis of their academic ability, leadership skills and overall personality you display in the interviews. So, what are the focus areas for a candidate with a GMAT score of 670.

Academic credentials

If you have strong academic credentials prior to the GMAT i.e. if you were a state topper or university topper or have done your graduation from the reputed IITs, BITS Pilani etc., these factors can offset the low GMAT score given that you can justify these past academic credentials with good work-experience and strong extra-curricular record. This brings us to the second focus area.


Now, suppose that you are not from IIT and have average academics. Are you a best-selling author, a national level sportsperson or Miss India? If your answer is yes, you still have very bright chances of getting in. ISB is looking for a diverse cohort and such individuals bring great diversity to the class and community with their specific learnings and experiences and the school definitely takes this into account.


Let us assume that you are a top-notch university graduate and a hot-shot corporate executive or still more appealing, Miss India! Have you justifiably portrayed your uniqueness in your essays? Have you stated your post-MBA goals clearly and realistically? If yes, congratulations! You are all set to get the interview invite with a low GMAT score.


If you have managed to get to the interview stage, it means that the school is interested in you and wants to know more about you. Now, your job is to present before them the outstanding personality that has impressed them in the applications. In the interview, they are looking for reasons to accept you so be yourself and floor them with your confidence! Please do not read that as over-confidence.

Remember! The crux of the matter is that if you are not able to score well in GMAT, you need to be outstanding with your past academics, extra-curriculars, applications and interviews. If your extra-curriculars are not that good, you need to offset that with an exceptional GMAT score. This way or that, the onus is on you to make sure that they cannot ignore you!

Welcome to the club and all the best!




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