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Cambridge Judge MIF Introduction

The Cambridge MFin focuses on the theory and practice of finance, drawing upon the University of Cambridge’s long heritage of excellence in teaching and research. Cambridge Judge MIF program is one of the only few Master of Finance programs in which 100% of the class has existing work experience in finance. Judge MIF Class Profile brings together diverse students with different goals in its portfolio. The program lasts for 12 months and consists of nine months of taught courses and an individual project carried out over the summer. Between July and September students are required to complete a mandatory summer activity. Scroll down for further information on Cambridge Judge MIF Average GMAT, Cambridge Judge MIF Class Profile, Cambridge Judge MIF Application process, employment report, Cambridge Judge MIF fees, and more.

  • One of only a few Master of Finance programs in which 100% of the class has existing work experience in finance.
  • The Master of Finance is taught at Cambridge Judge Business School – a world-class provider of business education that has strong links with the banking and finance industry.
  • The School is situated at the heart of the University of Cambridge – a world-renowned institution with an outstanding heritage of teaching and research in finance.
  • Finance practitioners play a central role in the delivery of the program – through teaching, seminars, and involvement in projects.
  • All of this combines to produce an exciting array of opportunities through which to develop your career in the finance industry.
Financial times
Class Profile Summary
Class Size 91
Average GMAT Score
Average Work Experience (yrs.) 4 years
Average Age (yrs.) 27
Employment Summary
Average Salary $138,368
Average Bonus
% placed within 3 months 82%
Tuition Fees Summary
Total Tuition £ 49,000
Living Cost £ 15,250
Total Cost £ 64,250

Cambridge Judge MIF Class Profile 2022 (Click Here)

Cambridge Judge MIF Employment report 2020 (Download Here)

Cambridge Judge MIF Application Deadlines

Deadlines Applications
Round 1 31 May 2022
Round 2
Round 3

Cambridge Judge Application Essay Tips


Essay 1: Describe a situation where you had to work jointly with others to achieve a common goal. What did you learn from the experience?

I was assigned as a consultant to a project team looking at reducing insurance claim cycle time. The team was comprised of an additional consultant who together had to review the analysis done by an analyst, draw conclusions, and prepare the presentation with our proposed solution for the project manager to deliver.

The analyst was relatively young. Although an experienced consultant already trained him on a previous project, his lack of experience showed and some of his deliverables fell short of expectations.

I offered to re-distribute the work. While the second consultant and the PM would focus on the proposed solution and the presentation, I would mentor the analyst and focus on analyzing existing processes. The team agreed, knowing that we would have to put extra time in order to save the project. I reviewed with the analyst the required deliverables and we performed the analysis together while ensuring he understands the requirements for future engagements.

Eventually, the client accepted our recommendations, and the insurance claim cycle time improved by 15% as anticipated. It was extremely satisfying to see the benefit of real teamwork. I learned the importance of clear guidance, mutual support, and flexibility in task assignments.

Essay 2: What did you learn from your most spectacular failure?

While a Product Manager at _____, I began planning to launch a new hair-care product, which I forecast would become the biggest growth engine in the hair care category in my country.

After three months, we were ready, on time, to launch in May. This was crucial, as our major competitor was planning to launch a similar product in July. Then, mid-April, I learned that only half of the volume we had ordered would be ready in time. My manager suggested postponing, but with the competition breathing down our necks, I convinced him we must launch on schedule. The product’s success was beyond our imaginations. After 20 days we ran out, with no new stock expected for an entire month. Our distributors and clients lost confidence; the end consumers felt deceived to have been offered a product and then told it was unavailable. It was an enormous failure.

However, I learned the importance of listening carefully to warnings, and that however much I might want something, I must do thorough due diligence before acting, and know when to stop, re-evaluate and start again – lessons that have since helped me succeed in other projects.

Essay 3: Briefly describe your immediate post-MIF career goals (150 words maximum)

  1. Explain your current position and work experience → 2. State your short and long-term goals → 3. Skillsets you have acquired throughout your career so far → 4. Explain what you currently lack to attain your short and long-term goals → 5. Show how an MBA from a school like Berkley Haas can help you bridge the gap in your skills to achieve your short-term goal. 

Start with a strong introductory paragraph on who you are and what are your desired goals for a MIF.

For the main body, start on a strong note, show what skills you already have. B-schools in general prefer to see a strong academic track record, progress in a professional career, client management exposure, leadership, and international experiences. Highlight some of your key achievements with numbers or awards that you may have received. Show your outstanding performance via the promotions or opportunities to lead or international deputation.

After establishing the strengths of your profile, move on to show how the limitations of your current role and skills are hindering your future. Show that an MBA will help you acquire the skills and make help you make career progress or desired transitions. 

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