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Cambridge Judge MIF Interviews


Cambridge Judge MIF Interviews

Judge contact students directly via email to let them know and to arrange the interview. Cambridge Judge MIF Interviews take place on a set day every month and in most cases, the interviews will take place in Cambridge or via video. In some instances, it is possible for interviews to be conducted off-site.  Students can discuss this with the Admissions Officer once shortlisted.

Interviews will be conducted by the MFin Director or other members of the Finance faculty. Candidates who attend the interview in Cambridge will get the opportunity to meet with faculty, MFin staff and have a tour of the facilities at Cambridge Judge Business School. The interviews tend to last between 30-60 minutes. While interviewees can receive a wide variety of interview questions, the interview’s main focus is determining if the applicant will perform academically and contribute to the Cambridge Judge experience.


Cambridge Judge MIF Frequently Asked Interview Questions

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Tell us 3 key learnings from your work experience.
  3. Why Finance?
  4. Why Cambridge ?
  5. Why do you want to do MIF at this stage in your life/ career
  6. Why do you think Cambridge will help you achieve your career goals?
  7. One reason that we should not select you?
  8. Have you applied to other schools?
  9. What are your short- and long-term career goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  10. Tell us about a challenging situation that you faced? How did you resolve it?
  11. What are your greatest strengths? Give examples
  12. What are your weaknesses? Give examples
  13. What will you bring to the Cambridge Judge class?
  14. What’s the most challenging thing about your current work experience?
  15. Describe your leadership style.
  16. What would you describe as your greatest achievement to date?
  17. What efforts have you made so far towards your goal of becoming an entrepreneur?
  18. Interests and Hobbies – Be prepared!.. questions as basic as “Why do you do poetry (or any other activity” may be asked.
  19. Do you have any questions for us?


Cambridge Judge MIF Interview Questions – 1

Cambridge Judge Interview day started off with preliminary remarks from the Director of the school and the director of the MIF program. Post that all candidates split off into individual interviews. Interviews are done by faculty and the director of the MIF program.

My interviewer had full access to my application form. I was asked the following questions

1) Why Finance?

2) Why Judge?

3) Why did you study for the undergraduate degree that you did?

4) What’s the most challenging thing about your current work experience?

The interview also had questions about my long-term goal and potential macroeconomic/industry developments related to my long-term goal. It was definitely inquisitive, though not interrogative at all.

The rest of the day was pretty interesting and included sessions with a career counselor and admissions officer. The lunch and tea allowed us ample time to socialize with current students and talk about the program and their experience.


Cambridge Judge MIF Interview Questions – 2

On-Campus interview

Interviews normally lasted for 30 min. All interviews were with a faculty member, assigned randomly (i.e. not matched based on applicant backgrounds).

My interview was a bit unconventional. The professor I interviewed with had read my entire application and started off by asking what questions I had for him ( normally it’s the other way round). I had quite a few and we spent almost half the interview answering my questions.

Then he asked me:

  1. What are my post-MIF career goals?
  2. Why do I think Cambridge will help me achieve my career goals?
  3. What will I bring to the Cambridge Judge class?
  4. What’s my leadership style?

The rest of the day had an Intro to Cambridge Judge session, Careers informational session, group career discussions with one of their external career consultants, and lunch/ tea with current students.


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